Blair Fraser / Product Designer

Teach what you know.

I recently decided that I would start to share my journey by writing about what I learn and discover in my own pursuit of creating products, making films and building online businesses.

I spend a lot of time and get a ton of value from reading other people’s experiences and learns in the areas and disciplines that I’m interested in and want to grow in. The thing I hear time and time again from the influencers that inspire me and I learn from,  is that you gotta teach what you know! Even if what you think that what you know might seem common, or foundational or too simple; teach it! So this is where I begin.

I won’t make any promises to deliver any profound new unheard teaching, or tutorials and articles soaked in deep design thinking. But I’ll let you know what I’m learning, how I work, what inspires me, what works and what fails for me when I’m designing products, making films, freelancing and trying to establish my business ideas.

Sound good?